Who’s Your Daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is an indie game I found on Steam, it was created to be a game you can share a laugh with your friends. Yes, you will need friends to play this game. There are two roles in this game; the dad and the suicidal baby. If you’re the dad your job is to keep the baby from killing itself. You can put the knives away, lock the doors, and cover the outlet. If you’re the baby you try to kill yourself. As the baby you can drown yourself in the pool, put a metal object in the outlet, drink the soap. There are more ways you can try to kill yourself, but you will just have to find them yourself. You can not  choose if you want to be a baby or the dad, the game does that when you spawn. Who’s Your Daddy has plenty of space to roam and a lot of ways to harm yourself. This game does not look amazing and it has a few glitches, but if you do not care about graphics than it’s a good game.(At least it’s not pixelated). The glitches make the game funnier, because it makes it look more stupid. Like when the dad crouches down it looks like his legs are in his body. The graphics have no detail in it. Who’s Your Daddy is a physics based game so that means most of the objects in the game are movable. It’s also a very logical game because if you stab an outlet with a knife it will electrocute you and kill you like it does in real life and if you drink a lot of soap with harmful chemicals you will get sick like in real life. But if you don’t like games where babies try to kill themselves than you shouldn’t get this game.

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