Planet Coaster (PC)

I found Planet Coaster on Steam in the the bestseller category. Planet Coaster is very similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon in the sense of owning a theme park. The cartoonish style of art goes perfectly with the concept of the game in my opinion. Planet Coaster is very detailed. You can see the items in the back of the burger stand. You can also customize your rides, so if you want to change the music or color of the ride you can. When you’re building your roller coaster it will tell you when the person will be scared or if they will have fun, and if it’s going to make  person nauseous you can put a clinic down. There are a lot of items in this game, and you can edit how they move and where they go. There is still more that can be added tough like there are only a few themes you can choose from for your park unless you put mod in. If you click a person you can look at their needs and help improve them. If you put down nice decor and make it look pretty than more people will come. It’s kind of like if you hire more employees then they will all be  happier. You can’t place to much down or the frame rate will go down and the game will be slower, but if you want to make big parks then all you need to do is  lower the graphic settings. There are three core game modes; career, sandbox, and challenge. The career mode is more problem solving. The sandbox mode is if you want to have unlimited resources to create a park for fun. Challenge mode is for you to start a park from nothingness to a finished theme park. I like that in challenge mode it takes time to build your park up, it just makes it more real in my opinion.

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