The Last Guardian PS4

The Last Guardian is a similar to Ico and Shadow of Colossus. This Game was announced in  2003, and the graphics show it’s not a polished game. To me the game’s art style and story  reminds me of The last Airbender games. This was going to be  PS3 game but now it’s only exclusive to the PS4, because they waited so long to release it, but it still feels like a PS3 game. The Last Guardian is a game about a boy waking up in a strange place and he doesn’t know how he got there.Along the way you meet a bird-like, dog-like creature named Trico that protects you through the journey. It’s kind of weird that they only give a name the the creature and not the boy, because you play as the. This game involves simple puzzles, but the challenging part is trying to control Trico. I like how they made him like a real pet, he doesn’t listen well. The controls on this game are really annoying, because they are sensitive when you move them. Sometimes the camera gets stuck in the structures. The graphics may not look good because the game has a low frame rate.But the animation of the movements for Trico and the boy are really cool.  I also like how Trico interacts with the environment naturally like if he can’t fit through a space he will step back and crouch down so he can fit. There isn’t much dialog but you can still feel the bond in between the boy and Trico. This game is also the length of an average linear of a single player game. If you liked the other games like this you should get this game,and if you don’t like games like this than you should still get it just in case you change your mind.

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