Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is the latest Far Cry game. This game is not drastically different from the other Far Cry games. It gets away with being a new game because you’re not going after towers you’re going after caves, and in this  one you play as a caveman. The people in the game actually look like they’re cavemen, the creators added blood and dirt to make them look gross. It really feels like you’re playing as a caveman, so they speak with a crood language. You can gather materials that are specific to an area and craft your weapons. There aren’t a lot of weapons, but you won’t need them if you have beast control which means you can call animals to help you fight, like how you can conjure a creature in Skyrim to help you fight. When you upgrade there will be a chance to get new abilities. Far Cry Primal is  big game with an open world that has tall grass so you can get a good kill and no one will see you. This game is logical in the sense of if you’re in a colder region then you build fire to keep warm, and if you build a fire at night then it will keep the predators away. You don’t want to wake up being gnawed on by a lion type creature. The good thing is if you call a bear or lion to help you fight they won’t hurt you, and they will follow you until you tell them to go back. The story line for Far Cry Primal is simple, you begin as a guy named Takkar and he is unarmed and eventually as you progress in the game you will get more stuff and be leader of a lucky tribe called Oros.

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