Skyrim gives me  mix of emotions. One moment I can be exhilarated because I just stole something and got away with it, then the next moment I’m screaming at the t.v because I keep dying. Skyrim has multiple goals to the game.The main goal in Skyrim is to find and defeat the dragon.You start as a thief who is supposed to be executed, but then a dragon comes down to terrorizes the village now it’s up to you to solve the problem.  Along the way there are other little quests that will provide a lifetime of game play. For this being an Xbox 360 game I’m really blown away how amazing this game looks. When you look at the map it comes in 3d instead of 2d, and you can put a place marker and find your destination more easily. You can steal from people, but it’s not a good idea because the whole village will come at you, but sometimes you get a chance to pay your bounty, go to prison and serve your time, or fight the guards. The lock picks in this Game are the most upsetting thing in the game. You can choose your main skill of being a good thief, a mage, or good at combat.If you choose to be a thief or good at combat that doesn’t mean you can’t use magic, it just means it’s not your main skill.I choose the mage because there are some really powerful spells like there is a healing spell for when you’re about to die. There are bars for your health, magic usage, and stamina. If you use up all your stamina or magic you will have to wait for it to come back, but it doesn’t take to long for it to come back it’s just inconvenient if you’re in a battle.