Who’s Your Daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is an indie game I found on Steam, it was created to be a game you can share a laugh with your friends. Yes, you will need friends to play this game. There are two roles in this game; the dad and the suicidal baby. If you’re the dad your job is to keep the baby from killing itself. You can put the knives away, lock the doors, and cover the outlet. If you’re the baby you try to kill yourself. As the baby you can drown yourself in the pool, put a metal object in the outlet, drink the soap. There are more ways you can try to kill yourself, but you will just have to find them yourself. You can not  choose if you want to be a baby or the dad, the game does that when you spawn. Who’s Your Daddy has plenty of space to roam and a lot of ways to harm yourself. This game does not look amazing and it has a few glitches, but if you do not care about graphics than it’s a good game.(At least it’s not pixelated). The glitches make the game funnier, because it makes it look more stupid. Like when the dad crouches down it looks like his legs are in his body. The graphics have no detail in it. Who’s Your Daddy is a physics based game so that means most of the objects in the game are movable. It’s also a very logical game because if you stab an outlet with a knife it will electrocute you and kill you like it does in real life and if you drink a lot of soap with harmful chemicals you will get sick like in real life. But if you don’t like games where babies try to kill themselves than you shouldn’t get this game.

Planet Coaster (PC)

I found Planet Coaster on Steam in the the bestseller category. Planet Coaster is very similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon in the sense of owning a theme park. The cartoonish style of art goes perfectly with the concept of the game in my opinion. Planet Coaster is very detailed. You can see the items in the back of the burger stand. You can also customize your rides, so if you want to change the music or color of the ride you can. When you’re building your roller coaster it will tell you when the person will be scared or if they will have fun, and if it’s going to make  person nauseous you can put a clinic down. There are a lot of items in this game, and you can edit how they move and where they go. There is still more that can be added tough like there are only a few themes you can choose from for your park unless you put mod in. If you click a person you can look at their needs and help improve them. If you put down nice decor and make it look pretty than more people will come. It’s kind of like if you hire more employees then they will all be  happier. You can’t place to much down or the frame rate will go down and the game will be slower, but if you want to make big parks then all you need to do is  lower the graphic settings. There are three core game modes; career, sandbox, and challenge. The career mode is more problem solving. The sandbox mode is if you want to have unlimited resources to create a park for fun. Challenge mode is for you to start a park from nothingness to a finished theme park. I like that in challenge mode it takes time to build your park up, it just makes it more real in my opinion.

Overwatch Origins Edition (PC)

Today we’re talking about Overwatch. Overwatch is the newest Blizzard game in seventeen years. Overwatch is a six on six shooter game that has 21 characters to choose from.My favorite character is Winston,because I like his whole back story and that he is an intelligent ape that can do human things.I appreciate how amazing this game looks. Overwatch is like looks very similar in the artistic style that they rendered the scene and characters in Team Fortress 2. It feels like a movie instead of a video game Team Fortress 2.This fun,chaotic polished game offers 12 different maps and three different game modes;escort,attack and defend,king of the hill.When you reach a milestone in the game you will receive a loot box that includes player icons, skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and highlight intros, as well as credits that players can spend to unlock items of their choice.You can also buy a loot box with real money, but you can play the game without it bothering you to buy them You don’t have to buy the loot box you can advance in the game without it .This game is good for single and multi player,you can hop on single shooter and start blowing stuff away.As you play you learn things about the game like if you don’t stay away he ground hog will mess you up.You can play this game on a console but it runs much smoother on PC,and you won’t have to go through the hassle to play with a controller. I personally like shooter games on the PC because its easier to control.Everything added to the Overwatch gaming experience is free like when they add maps and other ad-dons. You have to pay full price for a console version but it’s slightly cheaper on PC. Overwatch isn’t for everyone,but if you like this kind of stuff then you will love this game.